Products & Services

Professional experience and expertise are required to control the production of explosives on an industrial scale. Over the years many employees and internal experts have contributed to this expertise and both have ultimately shaped the world-wide reputation of the SSE Group.

The SSE Group is a leading manufacturer for Pentaerytrityl tetranitrate (PETN) and detonating cord (DETONEX®) with its production plant in Gamsen (Switzerland). Both products are sold in more than forty countries. The Eurodyn plant in Germany is manufacturing the Eurodyn™ explosive dynamite, a nitroglycol based, high strength, detonator sensitive explosive. In its European markets, the SSE Group is operating Mobile Emulsion Manufacturing Units (MEMUs) for the production of Explosives as well as compact pumping units in open pit mines and quarries for underground mines and tunneling.

Another major activity of the SSE Group is to provide drilling & blasting services to a large customer base.

To continue to bring value added products and services to its customers in open pit mines, quarries and the construction field, the SSE Group is providing broken rock to its customers: rather than just being a supplier of explosives, the Group is adding value by directly breaking rock to varying specifications in varying site conditions (Rock-On-Ground (ROG) services).